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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great Discussion on PSYOP--as always

...and sorry for my absence in it. A few things-
In the conversation about Information Warfare--Information Warfare is largely defensive, it is the protecting of your information while trying to exploit the information systems of the enemy. Like all warfare areas, there is an inherent overlap with other warfare areas. So the information warfare folks would be involved in finding weak spots or critical nodes in an enemy's information systems, they likily would not make the decision on what to do with them--though they do maintain an ability to hack into systems. I do not consider psyop as a subset--two critical things that always have to be remembered about psyop---there is no kinetic act--so, keeping in mind that warfare areas overlap, the psyop people will use a kinetic attack to broaden the effect of the attack--perhaps by broadcasting it in advance---one of the interesting things about the leaflets drops conducted leading up to Iraq---the Iraqis were not influenced by the messages but were interested in the military's ability to hit them with paper. the other thing to remember is that psyop is about influencing thought---the case has been made all warfare is psyop--as in order to win you have to make the enemy willing to quit--so dropping the second atom bomb was about convincing Japan to quit--but does not really fit a psyop---Doolittles raid, on the other had, influence thought and strategic planning--and I think fits a psyop profile.

with regard to sleeper cells, I think that the promotion of that possibility by radicals is a huge psyop----because we lack the baseline assessment of what risk we are willing to accept, no FBI DHS person is able to talk the threat down or disavow it--because it is in the realm of possibility.

on to the next section!! (let me know any specific questions remaining)


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